Although car manufacturers protect the metal car body with layers of protective coating and paint, as cars get older, this outer layer may get chipped or cracked, exposing the bare metal that makes up the body of your car. This exposed metal, over time, reacts with the environment and causes rust. The more exposure to the elements the metal receives, the greater the rust build up. Newer cars are getting much tougher protection through chemical baths that make them much more resistant to paint chips but older cars just don’t have this kind of protection.

For small rust spots, a DIY solution may be feasible and a small patch can be treated to seal rust spots and stop further expansion. This may involve sanding the affected area, then applying a high quality primer and rust kill like Brunox.  Finally, a top coat of paint will need  to be applied. 

This method works well for small spots and prevents further damage to the metal underneath.   

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